Vegan Kroger Digital Coupons

I know that not everyone has a Kroger store near them, or a Kroger affiliated store, but if you do, they have the best vegan coupons. Scrolling through all of the digital coupons, I realized that the majority of the best coupons are the “Best-Customer Bonus” deals. These coupons are personalized based on your previous purchases, so they aren’t available for everyone. As a way to show you the kind of coupons that you can get if you buy specialty vegan products, I included a couple below. You may be wondering why there are mayonnaise coupons listed, but believe it or not, Hellmann’s now has a vegan mayo. The rest of the mayonnaise is not vegan, but the one labeled as their vegan sandwich spread is. It’s not healthy by any means, but it can be a good tool for special recipes every once in a while.


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